Returning Tai Chi
Part 1

Learn a transformative daily tai chi practice in the comfort of your home with one of the last-remaining teachers of the original Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan Forms.

What can I expect from this class?

Returning Tai Chi Form Part 1 is a 28-lesson online course. Sifu Dimitri recommends one lesson per week, giving you plenty of practice time between each section! During those 28 lessons, you will begin to experience some of the many benefits tai chi offers, including improvements in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and a relaxed body and mind.

Tai Chi is about the steady flow of movement and helps you develop stability, without which you cannot safely build strength. The more stability you have, the more it's possible to increase strength.

Additionally, "Returning Tai Chi Chuan Form," or "Pangu Tai Chi Chuan Form," is working on the fundamentals of martial arts, such as agility, balance, coordination and opening the body's joints by stretching the ligaments, tendons and muscle groups.

Pangu Tai Chi has two unique features. First, Pangu Tai Chi harnesses the qi of the universe in order for it to improve the body's physiological condition, including the immune system; and second, it emphasizes exercising the lower body, while not neglecting the upper torso, to improve blood circulation, thus making it easier for the blood to return to the heart.

Why is it called Returning Tai Chi?

The Form is called Returning Tai Chi because it takes you back in time, returning to the historic Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan Form as it was originally practiced 200 years ago while incorporating movements from every other variation. Over the centuries, each Master in the Form varied the stances and postures to accommodate his body of students. Master Vincent Chu, a sixth-generation practitioner of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Form, and Qigong Master Ou Wen Wei, creator of the Pangu Qi Gong Form, developed and perfected the Returning Tai Chi Form over the course of 13+ years.

Benefits of Regular Practice

The more you practice, the greater the rewards: increased strength and flexibility, improved coordination and balance, and relaxation and trust in your body and mind. This course is optimized for success.

Weekly Discipline

You'll learn and practice one small set of movements each week. By mastering one set of movements at a time, you will perfect your form to get the most from the exercise. You may even memorize the form so you no longer have to reference the videos as a guide.

Enjoy a Daily Practice

By the end of the course, you'll have learned the full Returning Tai Chi Part 1 Form. When you continue to practice the full Part 1 Form each morning, you'll start your day with an empowered state of mind.

Is this course right for me?
Sessions are tailored for beginner & intermediate levels.


Those who are new to Tai Chi will gain an understanding of each basic movement while developing the skill of implementing each posture and stance. By committing to weekly lessons and daily practice, beginners will learn a skill that brings benefits for a lifetime.


Intermediate practitioners will benefit from honing the intricacies of the Form and experience a fundamental understanding of the mind-body connection as they deepen their practice. Join Sifu Dimitri's loyal following of students who have experienced improved health and wellness through Tai Chi and Qigong.

Try risk-free for 30 days!


How do online lessons differ from in-person classes?

Dimitri's in-person courses are sold by form, just like his online classes. When in-person, you will get personalized feedback. In this online course, you can reference Sifu Dimitri's instruction step-by-step and progress at your own pace with lifetime access to the content.

How long is the course?

Returning Tai Chi Part 1 has 28 lessons, grouped into 8 modules. If following Sifu Dimitri's recommendation of learning one lesson per week, the entire course will take 28 weeks to complete.

Each lesson has an instruction video and a demonstration video.

  • The "instruction" video teaches the nuances of the movement you need to keep in mind as you practice.
  • The "demonstration" video is silent demonstration of the form for practice. 

At the end of every module there is a silent review demonstration of all the lessons in the section, perfect for follow-along practice.

The entire Returning Tai Chi Part 1 Form without instruction is 10-12 minutes of continuous motion.

 By the end of the course, you should be able to complete the entire form without looking at the video for guidance. If you choose to follow along, a silent demonstration of the complete form is available after the last module.

The full form - parts 1, 2 and 3 - is 35-40 minutes long. Parts 2 and 3 are not yet available for purchase.

Video Lengths & Lesson Structure:

  • Module 1 (2:37)
    • Lesson 1: Instruction (6:00)
    • Lesson 1: Demonstration (1:27)
    • Lesson 2: Instruction (6:56)
    • Lesson 2: Demonstration (1:05)
    • Lesson 3: Instruction (6:16)
    • Lesson 3: Demonstration (0:51)
    • Lesson 4: Instruction (6:12)
    • Lesson 4: Demonstration (0:41)
  • Module 2 (1:35)
    • Lesson 5: Instruction (3:54)
    • Lesson 5: Foot Adjustment Close-up (1:51)
    • Lesson 5: Demonstration (0:40)
    • Lesson 6: Instruction (3:32)
    • Lesson 6: Demonstration (0:30)
    • Lesson 7: Instruction (6:43)
    • Lesson 7: Demonstration (0:48)
  • Module 3 (2:43)
    • Lesson 8: Instruction (9:09)
    • Lesson 8: Demonstration (0:53)
    • Lesson 9: Instruction (3:28)
    • Lesson 9: Demonstration (1:01)
    • Lesson 10: Instruction (2:48)
    • Lesson 10: Demonstration (0:57)
    • Lesson 11: Instruction (2:16)
    • Lesson 11: Demonstration (0:32)
  • Module 4 (1:03)
    • Lesson 12: Instruction (2:18)
    • Lesson 12: Demonstration (0:44)
    • Lesson 13: Instruction (2:18)
    • Lesson 13: Demonstration (0:47)
  • Module 5 (1:35)
    • Lesson 14: Instruction (2:28)
    • Lesson 14: Demonstration (0:45)
    • Lesson 15: Instruction (1:54)
    • Lesson 15: Demonstration (0:25)
    • Lesson 16: Instruction (2:50)
    • Lesson 16: Demonstration (0:23)
    • Lesson 17: Instruction (2:52)
    • Lesson 17: Demonstration (0:27)
    • Lesson 18: Instruction (1:53)
    • Lesson 18: Demonstration (0:22)
    • Lesson 19: Instruction (1:25)
    • Lesson 19: Demonstration (0:26)
  • Module 6 (0:40)
    • Lesson 20: Instruction (2:04)
    • Lesson 20: Demonstration (0:27)
    • Lesson 21: Instruction (3:01)
    • Lesson 21: Demonstration (0:30)
  • Module 7 (1:09)
    • Lesson 22: Instruction (7:18)
    • Lesson 22: Demonstration (0:32)
    • Lesson 23: Instruction (1:35)
    • Lesson 23: Demonstration (0:20)
    • Lesson 24: Instruction (2:16)
    • Lesson 24: Demonstration (0:34)
    • Lesson 25: Instruction (1:35)
    • Lesson 25: Demonstration (0:21)
    • Lesson 26: Instruction (2:45)
    • Lesson 26: Demonstration (0:25)
  • Module 8 (1:04)
    • Lesson 27: Instruction (4:33)
    • Lesson 27: Demonstration (0:43)
    • Lesson 28: Instruction (2:18)
    • Lesson 28: Demonstration (0:52)
  • Full Form Demonstration (11:19)

Will i have lifetime access to the recordings?

Yes! After purchasing the course, you will have lifetime access to the recordings.

if I buy part 1, will I eventually need parts 2 and 3? 

No. Returning Tai Chi Part 1 is a full course on its own, broken down into 28 sections. Every movement of the form is nuanced and requires dedicated regular practice. Once learned, Part 1 takes 10-12 minutes to complete. The full Returning Tai Chi Form (parts 1, 2, and 3) consists of 35-40 minutes of fluid motion through postures that have a unique meaning and purpose. Each Part requires its own course for proper instruction, but you do not have to purchase all 3 parts to gain value from one.

If you love what you learn in part one and want to extend your daily practice, we encourage you to invest in parts 2 and 3 when they become available.

Who has Dimitri studied under?

Sifu Dimitri K. Mougdis is a world expert in Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong and holds direct teaching lineages from China and the U.S. He began his studies in 1983 under Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu from Boston, with whom he continues to study. Sifu Dimitri also studied, and teaches, Pan Gu Shen Gong (PGSG) from Professor Fang Ning.

Here’s what people are saying about Sifu Dimitri:

We are grateful for our students, past and present, and look forward to meeting you soon.


Internal Arts Institute Student

I'm a Physical Therapist...

"As a Physical Therapist, learning Tai Chi from Dimitri enhanced not only my personal health, but also the outcomes I have treating my patients. I've found Tai Chi to be effective at treating people with a wide variety of conditions, including but not limited to balance problems and joint pain. Dimitri is a wonderful, enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated teacher. He is very sincere about passing on true Yang Tai Chi to his students. I highly recommend him."


Internal Arts Institute Student

Epiphanies and Rebirth

"Tai chi, as practiced at the Internal Arts Institute, teaches humility, rewards perseverance, and reveals itself in a progression of epiphanies that constitute continual rebirth. It amounts to a simple truth endlessly refreshed and revealed with increasing illumination. Only a great teacher can make it thus."


Internal Arts Institute Student


"In the three years that I have practiced with Dimitri, I have seen my mind, body and energy levels transform. I am in awe of the way Dimitri practices his form and extremely proud of the ways I have grown and improved under his tutelage. I cannot recommend him enough!"

About Sifu Dimitri

Learn tai chi from one of the last-remaining teachers of the original Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Dimitri K. Mougdis is a world expert in Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong, holding direct teaching lineages from the U.S. and China. Originally from Abelonas, Greece, just south of Mount Olympus, Sifu Dimitri began his study of Tai Chi Chuan under Grand Master Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu in Boston in 1983. Sifu Dimitri has more than 41 years of study and 22 years of teaching experience. He is one of a few remaining teachers sanctioned in the original Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

In June 2000, Sifu Dimitri established the Internal Arts Institute with the encouragement of Professor Fang Ning and the approval of Grand Master Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu. He continues his studies under Master Vincent Chu. The Internal Arts Institute is dedicated to teaching the true Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan for promoting good mental and physical health as well as self-defense.

Sifu Dimitri also studied with Professor Fang Ning, who graduated from American Mission School St. John University in Shanghai, China, in 1947 with degrees in Political Science and Economics. Professor Fang Ning practiced and researched Qigong all his life and was the 5th-generation successor (as he called it) to Orthodox Wudan Yang-Family Tai-Chi Chuan.

See you inside the course!

Returning Tai Chi
Part 1


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  • 8 Modules, 28 Sections - Each with instructional videos and demonstrations
  • 30-day money back guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Try the course for 30 days. During that time you'll have access to the first 4 weeks of content, lessons 1-4 of 28.

If you aren't satisfied, please message to request a refund via our Contact Us form. Once a refund is processed, we will revoke your access to all course materials.

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