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What do you want to learn about first?

The Course
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About The Course

Returning Tai Chi Form Part 1 is a 28-lesson online course students can take at their own pace from the comfort of their home. Sifu Dimitri recommends focusing on one lesson per week, repeating that lesson each day of the week, giving students plenty of practice time between each section! 

The Form is called Returning Tai Chi because it takes students back in time, returning to the historic Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan Form as it was originally practiced 200 years ago while incorporating movements from every other variation. Over the centuries, each Master in the Form varied the stances and postures to accommodate his body of students. Master Vincent Chu, a sixth-generation practitioner of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Form, and Qigong Master Ou Wen Wei, creator of the Pangu Qi Gong Form, developed and perfected the Returning Tai Chi Form over the course of 13+ years.


During the 28 lessons, students will begin to experience some of the many benefits tai chi offers, including improvements in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and a relaxed body and mind.

Additionally, "Returning Tai Chi Chuan Form," or "Pangu Tai Chi Chuan Form," is working on the fundamentals of martial arts, such as agility, balance, coordination and opening the body's joints by stretching the ligaments, tendons and muscle groups.

Pangu Tai Chi has two unique features. First, Pangu Tai Chi harnesses the qi of the universe in order for it to improve the body's physiological condition, including the immune system; and second, it emphasizes exercising the lower body, while not neglecting the upper torso, to improve blood circulation, thus making it easier for the blood to return to the heart.

What experience level is recommended?

Beginner and Intermediate


Those who are new to Tai Chi will gain an understanding of each basic movement while developing the skill of implementing each posture and stance. By committing to weekly lessons and daily practice, beginners will learn a skill that brings benefits for a lifetime.

Intermediate practitioners will benefit from honing the intricacies of the Form and experience a fundamental understanding of the mind-body connection as they deepen their practice. Join Sifu Dimitri's loyal following of students who have experienced improved health and wellness through Tai Chi and Qigong.

How do online lessons differ from in person classes?

Dimitri's in-person courses are sold by form, just like his online classes. When in-person, you will get personalized feedback. In this online course, you can reference Sifu Dimitri's instruction step-by-step and progress at your own pace with lifetime access to the content.

How long is the course?

Returning Tai Chi Part 1 has 28 lessons, grouped into 8 modules. If following Sifu Dimitri's recommendation of learning one lesson per week, the entire course will take 28 weeks to complete.

Each lesson has an instruction video and a demonstration video.

  • The "instruction" video teaches the nuances of the movement you need to keep in mind as you practice.
  • The "demonstration" video is silent demonstration of the form for practice. 

At the end of every module there is a silent review demonstration of all the lessons in the section, perfect for follow-along practice.

The entire Returning Tai Chi Part 1 Form without instruction is 10-12 minutes of continuous motion.

 By the end of the course, you should be able to complete the entire form without looking at the video for guidance. If you choose to follow along, a silent demonstration of the complete form is available after the last module.

The full form - parts 1, 2 and 3 - is 35-40 minutes long. Parts 2 and 3 are not yet available for purchase.

How much does the course cost?

Returning Tai Chi Part 1 can be purchased in 2 different ways:

2 payments of $89.50/mo ($179 total)
1 payment of $149 (save $30 by paying in full)

Both payment options send people into the same course!.

How long is each lesson?

Video Lengths & Lesson Structure:

  • Module 1 (2:37)
    • Lesson 1: Instruction (6:00)
    • Lesson 1: Demonstration (1:27)
    • Lesson 2: Instruction (6:56)
    • Lesson 2: Demonstration (1:05)
    • Lesson 3: Instruction (6:16)
    • Lesson 3: Demonstration (0:51)
    • Lesson 4: Instruction (6:12)
    • Lesson 4: Demonstration (0:41)
  • Module 2 (1:35)
    • Lesson 5: Instruction (3:54)
    • Lesson 5: Foot Adjustment Close-up (1:51)
    • Lesson 5: Demonstration (0:40)
    • Lesson 6: Instruction (3:32)
    • Lesson 6: Demonstration (0:30)
    • Lesson 7: Instruction (6:43)
    • Lesson 7: Demonstration (0:48)
  • Module 3 (2:43)
    • Lesson 8: Instruction (9:09)
    • Lesson 8: Demonstration (0:53)
    • Lesson 9: Instruction (3:28)
    • Lesson 9: Demonstration (1:01)
    • Lesson 10: Instruction (2:48)
    • Lesson 10: Demonstration (0:57)
    • Lesson 11: Instruction (2:16)
    • Lesson 11: Demonstration (0:32)
  • Module 4 (1:03)
    • Lesson 12: Instruction (2:18)
    • Lesson 12: Demonstration (0:44)
    • Lesson 13: Instruction (2:18)
    • Lesson 13: Demonstration (0:47)
  • Module 5 (1:35)
    • Lesson 14: Instruction (2:28)
    • Lesson 14: Demonstration (0:45)
    • Lesson 15: Instruction (1:54)
    • Lesson 15: Demonstration (0:25)
    • Lesson 16: Instruction (2:50)
    • Lesson 16: Demonstration (0:23)
    • Lesson 17: Instruction (2:52)
    • Lesson 17: Demonstration (0:27)
    • Lesson 18: Instruction (1:53)
    • Lesson 18: Demonstration (0:22)
    • Lesson 19: Instruction (1:25)
    • Lesson 19: Demonstration (0:26)
  • Module 6 (0:40)
    • Lesson 20: Instruction (2:04)
    • Lesson 20: Demonstration (0:27)
    • Lesson 21: Instruction (3:01)
    • Lesson 21: Demonstration (0:30)
  • Module 7 (1:09)
    • Lesson 22: Instruction (7:18)
    • Lesson 22: Demonstration (0:32)
    • Lesson 23: Instruction (1:35)
    • Lesson 23: Demonstration (0:20)
    • Lesson 24: Instruction (2:16)
    • Lesson 24: Demonstration (0:34)
    • Lesson 25: Instruction (1:35)
    • Lesson 25: Demonstration (0:21)
    • Lesson 26: Instruction (2:45)
    • Lesson 26: Demonstration (0:25)
  • Module 8 (1:04)
    • Lesson 27: Instruction (4:33)
    • Lesson 27: Demonstration (0:43)
    • Lesson 28: Instruction (2:18)
    • Lesson 28: Demonstration (0:52)
  • Full Form Demonstration (11:19)

Is Part 1 a stand-alone course or will Parts 2 and 3 also be required?

No. Returning Tai Chi Part 1 is a full course on its own, broken down into 28 sections. Every movement of the form is nuanced and requires dedicated regular practice. Once learned, Part 1 takes 10-12 minutes to complete. The full Returning Tai Chi Form (parts 1, 2, and 3) consists of 35-40 minutes of fluid motion through postures that have a unique meaning and purpose. Each Part requires its own course for proper instruction, but you do not have to purchase all 3 parts to gain value from one.

If you love what you learn in part one and want to extend your daily practice, we encourage you to invest in parts 2 and 3 when they become available.

Who has Dimitri studied under?

Sifu Dimitri K. Mougdis is a world expert in Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong and holds direct teaching lineages from China and the U.S. He began his studies in 1983 under Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu from Boston, with whom he continues to study. Sifu Dimitri also studied, and teaches, Pan Gu Shen Gong (PGSG) from Professor Fang Ning.

What is the 30 day money back guarantee?

Students can try the course for 30 days. During that time they'll have access to the first 4 weeks of content, lessons 1-4 of 28.

If a student is not satisfied, they can email and we will refund the purchase.

Refund requests made after 11:59pm CST on the 30th day will not be honored.

About Sifu Dimitri

Dimitri is one of the last-remaining teachers of the original Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Dimitri K. Mougdis is a world expert in Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong, holding direct teaching lineages from the U.S. and China. Originally from Abelonas, Greece, just south of Mount Olympus, Sifu Dimitri began his study of Tai Chi Chuan under Grand Master Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu in Boston in 1983. Sifu Dimitri has more than 41 years of study and 22 years of teaching experience. He is one of a few remaining teachers sanctioned in the original Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

In June 2000, Sifu Dimitri established the Internal Arts Institute with the encouragement of Professor Fang Ning and the approval of Grand Master Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu. He continues his studies under Master Vincent Chu. The Internal Arts Institute is dedicated to teaching the true Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan for promoting good mental and physical health as well as self-defense.

Sifu Dimitri also studied with Professor Fang Ning, who graduated from American Mission School St. John University in Shanghai, China, in 1947 with degrees in Political Science and Economics. Professor Fang Ning practiced and researched Qigong all his life and was the 5th-generation successor (as he called it) to Orthodox Wudan Yang-Family Tai-Chi Chuan.

What students say about Dimitri:

Affiliate Information

We hope this section will answer all of your questions about what it means to be an affiliate for this course. If you have any questions remaining, please contact Dimitri's team at

Affiliate Requirements

Affiliate Requirements: 

  1. Active PayPal account: Affiliates will automatically be paid out by Teachable to the affiliate’s PayPal account. Affiliates must have a PayPal account to be paid out by Teachable.
  2. Affiliate Agreement Signed: Confirming you have read and understand and agree to all conditions outlined in our affiliate agreement document.
  3. Spread the Word: Recommend Dimitri's course to students, friends, family, etc. 
  4. Use Your Link: Use the Affiliate Link provided by the Owner when making recommendations so our affiliate tracking software can track and credit Affiliate for the sale.

Will Affiliates be given promotional materials?

We can provide email or social media text as well as videos and graphics for you to use in your promotional efforts. The call to action at the end of your promotional material must be guided to your partner page. Click HERE to see an example of a partner page.

When you first sign up to become an affiliate, we will ask what types of promotional materials you will need. 

We encourage you to add text of your own so your audience can know that you encourage them to join the course and why.

How should affiliates promote the course?

Let your fans know about this offer by email, pamphlet, website, social media, etc. and embed your affiliate link so that we can attribute conversions to your recommendation. We will provide the information for you to share with your audiences after you consent to collaborate.

We are selective about who we offer affiliate compensation to and hope you will make the most of this opportunity.

At the least, all you will have to do is copy/paste the information we give you into an email, add a line or two of endorsement in your own words and then hit send. If you choose to implement any other form of promotion, like those listed below, let us know and we’re happy to help.

You will get credit for the purchase as long as the affiliate tracking link(s) we share with you are used. Your tracking link will lead to a page like this:

You can embed the link into buttons, text, QR codes, emails, social media posts, print materials, etc. Your affiliate link will attribute a completed sale to you as long as the sale happens within 30 days of the click.

You are encouraged to do one or more of the following:

  • Email to your mailing list once, quarterly, biannually, or annually.
  • Embed the tracking code within text or a button on your website. 
  • Post a video of your recommendation.
  • Share a pamphlet in your studio.
  • Run paid social media ads or boosted posts.
  • Post organic social media content.
  • Share through word of mouth. We can give you a card and/or QR code to help make tracking easy.
  • Do you have ideas? Let us know.

How often are affiliates expected to promote?

That's up to you. We hope you'll value the opportunity to earn a percentage of each sale with no additional time, effort, research or follow-through required other than letting people know about the course.

Since less than 40% of email leads typically open emails and an even smaller percentage of overall social media followers typically see any one post, we recommend re-sending promotional materials quarterly or on another schedule that works well for you and your audience.

Affiliate Restrictions

Affiliates must use the affiliate link given to them by Owner and not create or use any other affiliate tracking links unless permission is agreed upon in writing by Owner.

Affiliates must never add their affiliate tracking to a sales page other than the sales page provided to them by the Owner.

If the Affiliate wants to create a new affiliate link to serve a different purpose, they must ask permission from Owner.

Even after the Owner has accepted the Affiliate the Owner reserves the absolute right to rescind or terminate the Recipient affiliate status for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion, without need for explanation.

Financial Compensation

We are currently selling the course for a single payment of $149 or 2 payments of $89.50/mo. 
Affiliates are given a custom 10% discount coupon code so prospects can further lower that price. Sharing a coupon code and lowering the price will increase the perceived value of your affiliate offer.

When a customer purchases a product from an Affiliate’s link, the affiliate is credited with a percentage of the sale (excluding taxes and fees) as commission. In the case of a payment plan, affiliates will receive a percentage of each payment, not just the first.

You will get credit as long as the affiliate tracking link(s) we share with you are used. Your tracking link will lead to a page like this:

You’ll be paid via PayPal on the first business day of each month, with a one-month delay to account for student refund requests. We will only compensate for successful payments that are not refunded.

We are using an affiliate tracking system to handle attribution tracking and compensation.

Affiliates will receive compensation if a sale meets the following conditions:

A) Prospect clicks on Affiliate’s unique affiliate link

B) Prospect buys within 30 days of clicking on Affiliate’s link. 

C) Prospect buys from the same device they used to click on the affiliate link.

D) Prospect does not "clear cache" or "delete cookies" between the time of clicking on the link and buying.

E) Prospect does not refund course purchase and all payments are processed successfully.

G) Prospect’s course purchase is attributed to Affiliate in the Teachable Affiliate tracking system (impacted by points A-E above). 

  • If a transaction was not attributed to an affiliate (e.g. if the Affiliate's link was not clicked by the Prospect) it is not possible to retroactively attribute the commission to the affiliate.
  • To receive compensation, all Affiliate PayPal and payment processing information must be accurate and valid.

Example Compensation Calculation: 

NOTE: The numbers in this example are estimates. Taxes and service fees will lower the commission earned based on a variety of factors we cannot include in this estimate, such as buyer location.

This course can be purchased in one payment or two.

One Payment: $149

  • 10% coupon applied ($14.90 discount) = 134.10 discounted price without commission
  • 25% affiliate commission taken from 134.10 = $33.52 commission earned excluding reduction that will come from taxes and service fees
  • Affiliate Commission: $33.52 before taxes and fees

Two Payments: $89.50 × 2 = $179

  • First payment of $89.50 minus the 10% coupon code ($8.95 discount) = $80.55
  • Multiply the discounted, commissioned price by two, one payment for each month = $161.10
  • 25% affiliate commission taken from $161.10 = $40.27 commission earned excluding reduction that will come from taxes and service fees
  • Affiliate Commission: $40.27 before taxes and fees

How is commission tracked?

On Teachable, a cookie is created whenever a user clicks an affiliate link, regardless of whether they purchase the course at that moment. This cookie is valid for the "cookie period" (30 days), or until the user's browser cache is cleared. In practical terms, this means that even if someone clicks an affiliate’s link, leaves the site, and returns to purchase later—the sale will still be counted towards the affiliate (as long as the user is on the same device and browser, has not cleared their cache, and is within the cookie period).

How often are affiliates paid?

Teachable automatically pays school affiliates in USD via the affiliates PayPal account on the first of every month (or the next business day if the 1st is on a weekend or US holiday).

 Due to Teachable’s 30-day refund policy, Teachable must hold funds for at least 30 days before releasing them to affiliates. For example, on March 1, affiliates would receive a payment for all sales that took place in January. Then, on April 1, they would be paid for sales made in February, and so on.

 Affiliates can view earnings by month, payment statements and other payment information in their Affiliate Dashboard. Payment Statements are available to view in the Affiliate Dashboard 20 days after the end of the month.

Can affiliates see whether recommendations have turned into sales?

Yes. Once you become an affiliate you will be able to log into your own affiliate dashboard to see a history of sales you have been credited for, the total course price students paid, and the amount you earned. 

The dashboard will include affiliate FAQs and affiliates can opt in (or opt out) of email enrollment notifications.

Taxable Income

Teachable (our course management platform) will track what each author/affiliate has been paid. If their earnings exceed $100, they will be asked to complete a tax form through their Author Dashboard or Affiliate Dashboard. They will also receive a Form 1099-MISC, if applicable.

Trademarks & Copyright

All content created by Owner is under the sole ownership of Owner and cannot be used by Affiliate under any circumstances without Owner’s written permission.

Affiliate Costs

The Affiliate takes on all costs of promoting the course beyond the following materials which will be provided by the Owner. The Owner is not obligated to supply compensation for any action, time or money spent beyond what is the agreed upon under Financial Compensation.

Course Access

If you would like access to the course before agreeing to become an affiliate, let us know and we can offer a 30 day free trial.

We want you to be able to authentically recommend the course with confidence!

Affiliates are given personal access to the Product free of charge while they are an Active Affiliate and as much as 30 days before becoming an affiliate. If at any point the Affiliate Agreement and affiliate status is terminated, the Affiliate will lose personal access to the course unless they purchased it.

Personal access to the Product should never be shared or extended to people other than the Affiliate.

Will promoting another teacher's course hurt my own business?

We are only reaching out to teachers who provide complementary services rather than the same services.

You and I bring different personalities, skills, training, and attributes to the table. I believe it is in our best interests to help each other, and that we and our students will grow and, as a result, be better off.

How do I access my affiliate dashboard?

Once logged in, the affiliate dashboard can be found in your main menu: 

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