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Learning in person is important, but true mastery requires daily practice.
Our sessions and courses will help you master each position from home.

Here’s what people are saying about the Sifu Dimitri:

We are so grateful for our students, past and present.
We look forward to meeting you soon.


IAI Student

I'm a Physical Therapist...

"As a Physical Therapist, learning Tai Chi from Dimitri enhanced not only my personal health, but also the outcomes I have treating my patients. I've found Tai Chi to be effective at treating people with a wide variety of conditions, including but not limited to balance problems and joint pain. Dimitri is a wonderful, enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated teacher. He is very sincere about passing on true Yang Tai Chi to his students. I highly recommend him."


IAI Student

Epiphanies and Rebirth

"Tai chi, as practiced at the Internal Arts Institute, teaches humility, rewards perseverance, and reveals itself in a progression of epiphanies that constitute continual rebirth. It amounts to a simple truth endlessly refreshed and revealed with increasing illumination. Only a great teacher can make it thus."


IAI Student


"In the three years that I have practiced with Dimitri, I have seen my mind, body and energy levels transform. I am in awe of the way Dimitri practices his form and extremely proud of the ways I have grown and improved under his tutelage. I cannot recommend enough!"

Is this course right for me?
Sessions are tailored from beginner to advanced.


If you are new to Tai Chi, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the "why" and "how" behind each basic move as you develop the skill of implementing each physical movement. If you are committed to your lessons and daily practice, you will learn a skill that will bring benefits for a lifetime.


Intermediate practitioners will benefit from honing in intricacies of the physical form, correcting any errors, and experience a fundamental understanding of the mind-body connection. Join Dimitri's loyal following of students who have experienced improved health & wellness though Tai Chi and Qigong.

what you Get

Here’s what you’ll learn in our courses

In this course we will break down the form step-by-step so that you can master each intricacy of the movement before moving on to the next posture. 

Understand Form Concepts

Learn the purpose behind each part of the form and the healthy impact it has on your body.

Form Positions

We will break down each form into small parts, allowing you to master the full form more easily.

Weekly Discipline

The concepts from each week are broken down into a daily practice you will implement throughout the week.

About Sifu Dimitri

Dimitri K. Mougdis began his study of Tai Chi Chuan under Grand Master Gin Soon Chu in Boston on February 1, 1983. Sifu Dimitri is one of the last remaining teachers of the original classical Yang family forms.

In June of 2000, Sifu Dimitri established the Internal Arts Institute with the guidance of Grand Master Gin Soon Chu and Master Vincent Chu. The Internal Arts Institute is dedicated to teaching the true Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan for promoting good mental and physical health as well as Self-Defense.

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