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Returning Tai Chi [Part 1]


Learn a transformative daily tai chi practice in the comfort of your home with one of the last-remaining teachers of the original Classical Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan Forms.

Returning Tai Chi Form Part 1 is a 28-lesson online course tailored for beginner & intermediate tai chi experience. All sessions are pre-recorded so you can practice at your own pace.

Questions are welcome at any time in the lesson comments (so everyone can benefit) or by email.

Returning Tai Chi Form Part 1 is a 28-lesson online course. Sifu Dimitri recommends dedication to practicing one lesson per week. Throughout the 28 lessons, you will begin to experience some of the many benefits tai chi offers, including improvements in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and a relaxed body and mind.

Tai Chi is about the steady flow of movement and helps you develop stability, without which you cannot safely build strength. The more stability you have, the more it’s possible to increase strength.

“Returning Tai Chi Chuan Form,” or “Pangu Tai Chi Chuan Form,” is working on the fundamentals of martial arts, such as agility, balance, coordination and opening the body’s joints by stretching the ligaments, tendons and muscle groups.

Pangu Tai Chi has two unique features. First, Pangu Tai Chi harnesses the qi of the universe in order for it to improve the body’s physiological condition, including the immune system; and second, it emphasizes exercising the lower body, while not neglecting the upper torso, to improve blood circulation, thus making it easier for the blood to return to the heart.

The Form is called Returning Tai Chi because it takes you back in time, returning to the historic Yang (Yeung) Family Tai Chi Chuan Form as it was originally practiced 200 years ago while incorporating movements from every other variation. Over the centuries, each Master in the Form varied the stances and postures to accommodate his body of students. Master Vincent Chu, a sixth-generation practitioner of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Form, and Qigong Master Ou Wen Wei, creator of the Pangu Qi Gong Form, developed and perfected the Returning Tai Chi Form over the course of 13+ years.

No. Returning Tai Chi Part 1 is a full course on its own, broken down into 28 sections. Every movement of the form is nuanced and requires dedicated regular practice. Once learned, Part 1 takes 10-12 minutes to complete. The full Returning Tai Chi Form (parts 1, 2, and 3) consists of 35-40 minutes of fluid motion through postures that have a unique meaning and purpose. Each Part requires its own course for proper instruction, but you do not have to purchase all 3 parts to gain value from one.

If you love what you learn in part one and want to extend your daily practice, we encourage you to invest in parts 2 and 3 when they become available.

Returning Tai Chi Part 1 has 28 lessons, grouped into 8 modules. If following Sifu Dimitri’s recommendation of learning one lesson per week, the entire course will take 28 weeks to complete.

Each lesson has an instruction video and a demonstration video.
The “instruction” video teaches the nuances of the movement you need to keep in mind as you practice.
The “demonstration” video is silent demonstration of the form for practice.
At the end of every module there is a silent review demonstration of all the lessons in the section, perfect for follow-along practice.

The entire Returning Tai Chi Part 1 Form without instruction is 10-12 minutes of continuous motion.
By the end of the course, you should be able to complete the entire form without looking at the video for guidance. If you choose to follow along, a silent demonstration of the complete form is available after the last module.
The full form – parts 1, 2 and 3 – is 35-40 minutes long.

Yes! After purchasing the course, you will have lifetime access to the recordings.


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